Upcoming oral health awareness days in 2023: make a difference this year

INFANT ORAL HEALTHEvery day, those of us within the dental industry fight the good fight to raise awareness of better oral hygiene practices and to encourage our patients to take their dental health more seriously. Be it flossing and brushing, or avoiding sugary snacks and drinks, there are lots of things which we do so often that they become second nature to us – teeth and oral health are central to our thoughts. But our patients? Not so much. They need help – our help.

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My Dental Nurse Journey

DENTAL NURSE JOURNEY 230123I have wanted to be many things in my life. But a dental nurse? It had never even come close to being one of my top ten career ideas. The start of my journey was unplanned and a complete surprise – but it was also the best decision I ever made. It went from being a role I didn’t even know existed, to being a part of my life and identity.

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How to know if a dental nursing career is for you

DENTAL NURSING CAREER 22Career paths are very rarely linear anymore. While the generations before us would stick to one track — even if they didn’t enjoy it — today’s employees are waking up to the idea that work can be rewarding and support your lifestyle. It might even be fun, too!

A dental nursing career may not seem like the next logical step for your professional trajectory. But if you’re here reading this article, then the thought has at least crossed your mind ...

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Reflect on the past, and take positive steps to plan for the future.

2023 planningAre you looking to make important life and work changes in the new year? Maybe you want to take your role to the next level? If so, then read on to find out how you could achieve these changes in 2023!

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