How to Ensure Consistent Standards of Infection Control Are Followed by All Team Members

Infection Prevention ControlWe all get introduced to the HTM 01-05 very early on in our careers, and it helps us to achieve at least essential practice (and, hopefully, best practice) standards during our infection prevention and control (IPC) procedures. This is something that is crucial if we want to keep our patients, and ourselves, safe. But with all of the guidance and procedures to follow, how do you ensure that the whole team is being consistent in their IPC standards?

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Empowering Dental Nurses for Oral Cancer Awareness Month 2023

As dedicated dental nurses, we play an invaluable role in patient care and oral health. This November, we have a unique opportunity to make a real difference in our patients' lives by participating in Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Let's explore how we can get involved and raise awareness about the importance of regular dental check-ups for early problem identification.

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Our new reception course starts soon

level 3 certificate in dental receptionAt Dental Nurse Network we are passionate about ensuring high quality training for the dental team, and we are excited to be launching our latest course, which is aimed at the dental reception team.

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How to Recruit and Retain Trainee Dental Nurses

TRAINEE ARTICLEFor many dental practices, employing trainee dental nurses can be an effective way of recruiting team members who can be trained to the standards of the practice. This approach not only enables the practice to nurture and develop talent within dental nursing, but also ensures that these new team members possess the skills to contribute to the longer-term success of the practice. 

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Gemma Hutchinson

Gemma HutchinsonWe are delighted to introduce Gemma Hutchinson, our newest addition to the administrative and student support team. Gemma has a wealth of experience, having worked in the dental industry for over ten years. She initially came to our attention as one of our standout students during the NEBDN OHE course in 2019. Her work demonstrated exceptional quality, to the extent that we sought permission to use it as an exemplary reference for our other students.

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Reception Course Level 3

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