Certificate in Plaque Indices (Plaque Disclosing)

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 3 months Distance Learning

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Plaque indices distance learning

The aim of this course is to enable oral health educators to incorporate the use of the plaque control record confidently and competently into their appointments in order to help motivate patients in improving their oral hygiene. Plaque scoring using disclosing tablets or solution is part of oral health education which dental nurses may carry out without a referral, as long as they are trained, competent and indemnified.   Course Brochure

Summary of learning objectives

  • Have a good understanding of what indices are.
  • Be able to explain why we use dental plaque indices.
  • Be aware of different plaque indices methods. 
  • Be able to explain as a step-by-step guide the process of taking a dental plaque score (Plaque Control Score).
  • Have a good understanding of how we can use plaque indices in practice as dental nurses.
  • Be aware of any pre- / post- dental plaque indices advice to give the patient.
  • Be able to confidently write up appointment notes. 


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