Coronavirus: Impact on Dental Nurses

Covid 19We are in an unprecedented time.

Everyone I speak to is of the same opinion – never in living memory has the whole world faced such a challenge. 

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Free course extensions

DNN free extensionsDue to the effects of Covid-19 or coronavirus on dental practices, DNN is now offering a free three-month extension on the completion of record of competence assessments and IPC lead assessments to all students who started any DNN certificate course* from January 2020 until today.

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Spotlight on … Brexit!

Spotlight articlesSo (finally) it happened; as of 11pm on 31st January 2020, the UK left the European Union (EU). 

Whether you were a ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ supporter, there is no doubt that the nearly three years since the 2016 referendum has been a rollercoaster ride with a lot of attention placed on the consequences of this historic event. 

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Interview with a Practice Owner

DNN interviewAt DNN, we are keen to explore the ever-changing role of dental nurses in the workplace and to see how this role impacts on the wider dental team. To do this, we have spoken to various members of the dental team to gain insight into their views on the role of dental nurses, how this role has changed over time, and how dental nurses now fit into the dental team.

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