Diary of a dental hygiene student – the Stephan Curve, impression-taking and fissure sealants

Tiffani ProfileIn my last blog post, I wrote about our ‘National Smile Month’ projects that we had to present at the end of June. I’m glad to say that it all went brilliantly! We gave out tons of freebies (which everyone loved), spoke to a wide variety of people, and got our message across about hidden sugars and the Stephan Curve. You’ll also be pleased to hear … I PASSED MY GATEWAY! I can now take impressions and place fissure sealants, so I have begun to do this on patients in practice. Read below for more information on the Stephan Curve and how I’ve been finding impression-taking and fissure sealants. 

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Changes to the use of dental amalgam

amalgum news DNNThe British Dental Association (BDA) published a report in June 2018 to announce that the rules and regulations governing the use of dental amalgam are changing. Amalgam is being phased out in specific patient groups to help reduce the amount of mercury-containing products in the environment. This is just a quick summary of the report – a link to the full document is included below. 

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My Military Career

C FosterMy name is Chelsea Foster. I have been a registered dental nurse for nine years, and recently reached the end of my contract in the military after nine years’ service. I currently work in a cosmetic dental practice in Durham city centre as a dental nurse and an oral health educator.

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Tiffani's Blog

Tiffani ProfileHi everyone!

This is the first of many blog posts that I will be writing – they will be appearing on a monthly basis, and each post will explain a different aspects of my remaining time at university. I hope to be able to give you a taste of what it’s like to be studying to become a dental hygienist and to give you the inspiration you need to climb that ladder too. 

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Monopoly Run 2018

monopoly mapCalling all Monopoly lovers! Exciting news: Bridge2Aid has joined up with Dentaid to form the Together Dental 2018 Campaign, and as a team they have organised a spectacular charity event!

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