Free Non-Verifiable CPD

non-verifiable-cpd-freeAs of 1st August 2018 DCP's are not required to complete non-verifiable CPD.  We have kept this page open for any nurses who are behind on their non-verifiable CPD (from a previous CPD year).

The links below will give you access to a wide variety of articles to count towards your non-verifiable CPD log.

Dental Nurse News

Dental Nurse Library

Dental Nurse Inspiration

Dental Nurse Forum 

Articles are regularly added to the site. Logging your CPD is easy. Simply record the date, the activity and the number of hours. One hour of reading is equivalent to one non-verifiable CPD.

Click here for a CPD log sheet

Click here for a CPD log sheet example

Click here for more information about CPD

It's a good idea to stay up-to-date with GDC publications and reading the information on their site can be logged as non-verifiable CPD.

GDC Standards

GDC News

More Non-Verifiable CPD Links:

nebdn diploma DentalNurseNetwork

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