Advanced Impression Taking

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Hundreds of nurses have trained in impression-taking with Dental Nurse Network. The advanced impression-taking course is suited to registered dental nurses who aspire to treat patients directly and to take impressions under the prescription of a registered dentist or clinical dental technician. The course is suited to nurses working both in private settings and in the National Health Service. 

You will learn how to take alginate, silicone and bite impressions for the following applications:

  • Study models;
  • Orthodontic appliances;
  • Retainers;
  • Dentures;
  • Bleaching trays;
  • Mouth guards;
  • Invisalign;
  • Inman Aligner;
  • Six Month Smiles.

Can dental nurses take impressions using a variety of impression materials? Please refer to question 1 on the GDC website HERE.

The course includes:

  • A one-day workshop;
  • An impression-taking booklet;
  • A Record of Competence (ROC) portfolio to be completed under supervision.

Record of Competence (ROC)  portfolio:

  • You are expected to complete a minimum of 20 alginate impressions, 10 silicone impressions and 6 bite impressions.
  • We do not specify patient groups. i.e children, adults.
  • You have a maximum of six months to complete your Record of Competence.

The role of the supervisor:

Your supervisor should be:

  • GDC-registered;
  • Qualified/trained in impression-taking;
  • Willing to guide you through your practical training; 
  • Able to comment on and sign your portfolio.



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