Becoming an orthodontic therapist - An interview with Yvonne Ward

Yvonne Ward Dip Ortho TherYou have recently qualified as an orthodontic therapist – big congratulations. To inspire and encourage dental nurses who are interested in training to become orthodontic therapists or who are looking into different areas of career progression, we would love to know more about you, your career development and the courses and training you have completed to help you get where you are today.

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Taking the leap from dental nurse to dental hygienist

Tiffani ProfileThroughout my life, I have had an interest in science, an ever-growing interest in healthcare, and an overwhelming urge to help others. At the tender age of 18, I reached that inevitable time of deciding what I wanted to do with my life. After months of not knowing which career to take and multiple weekends taken up by research and talking with family members (some of whom work in healthcare), I decided that dental nursing was the route for me. Now that I had my mind made up, it was time to search hard for the job that I wanted.

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Registered Dental Nurse and PhD Student

L Cameron Dental Nurse ProfileI started my undergraduate degree in Immunology and Toxicology in 2002, not really knowing which direction my career was going to take, but knowing that it was going to be in science. I have my high school Chemistry teacher to thank for that; his love for science was infectious, and he made it seem fun.  

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Why I love my job

eedwardsprofI have been a dental nurse for thirteen years now. I started following my vocation by becoming a trainee dental nurse at Bristol Dental Hospital. I feel lucky to have started my career in this way as I could see and train in all aspects of dental nursing – including paediatrics, oral surgery, orthodontics and restorative work. This stood me in good stead for my future profession in dental nursing.

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Life as a Trainee Dental Hygienist

Rebecca BlogI’ve just completed Year One Term One as a student dental hygienist at the University of Essex. What a crazy term it has been – moving in, making new friends, working at a new practice, attending lectures, writing essays, and taking gateway tests, practical examinations and written examinations. Life as a trainee dental hygienist has just begun.

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