Certificate in Fluoride Varnish Application

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 3 months Distance Learning

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e learning fluoride varnish application

Now every nurse can be competent!

The aim of this course is to provide level 2 training for nurses to become competent and confident in applying fluoride varnish under the prescription of a dentist or as part of a structured oral health programme. We also deliver the NEBDN Level 4 Fluoride Varnish Application

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What the course will cover:

    • Clinical patient management, patient care, standards, communication.
    • Scope of practice, consent.
    • Delivery of the correct knowledge, content and application of Delivering Better Oral Health, together with an explanation of the use of evidence-based statements.
    • Principles of oral health education and promotion.
    • History, use and benefits of fluoride. 
    • Clinical evidence in support of the use of fluoride varnish, particularly DoH.
    • Carious process and fluoride’s role in preventing occurrence/recurrence.
    • Dental anatomy in health and disease.
    • Contraindications for the use of fluoride varnish and fluoride toxicity.
    • Application of fluoride varnish.

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