Working With Dental Charities

Stephanie dentaid 22Dental charities exist all over the world, and they each have their own goal when it comes to spreading the word and improving oral health. With the support of dental nurses, these charities can lead the way to better oral hygiene across the globe – so why not get involved?

Mouth Cancer Foundation

Also covered in a recent article on Dental Nurse Network, Mouth Cancer Foundation is working hard to increase public awareness and early detection, and to decrease the fatality rate of oral cancer. While November is known as Mouth Cancer Action Month, where more dental practices and professionals get involved in raising funds and awareness of this awful illness, it’s important that we do what we can to support them all year round. 

Dentaid and BrightBites

Dentaid works tirelessly to provide outreach dental care for groups such as homeless people, refugees, cancer patients, and those living in poverty, and last year they delivered their 300th clinic in the UK. By volunteering for Dentaid, you are helping to provide treatment for thousands of people who would otherwise be left in pain and with no access to dental care. With increasing demand on their services, Dentaid is in need of your help now.

In association with Dentaid is BrightBites – an excellent programme which sees volunteers visiting schools to provide a fun, interactive talk on oral hygiene practices for children, while reinforcing the importance of dental visits. BrightBites aims to increase knowledge and awareness among the younger generations, with visits available to all age groups and resources for the presentation provided. BrightBites is currently accepting volunteers.

Mercy Ships

A global Christian charity, Mercy Ships follows the model of Jesus to provide help to those suffering from disability, disfigurement and disease. By volunteering with Mercy Ships, you will be deployed to the countries that need medical attention the most as part of a knowledgeable and experienced team. Once there, you’ll provide free treatment to local people, relieving them of pain and giving them potentially life-saving treatment.

Oral Health Foundation

A leading independent charity, Oral Health Foundation aims to improve oral health across the world through its many efforts, including campaigns such as National Smile Month and resources like Dental Buddy. Getting involved can mean taking part in campaigns, donating, or fundraising, which allows the foundation to invest in their mission in improving children’s oral health, lowering cases of mouth cancer, and improving educational resources. 

Dental Wellness Trust

With a goal to improve the oral health of children through their LiveSmart dental wellness programmes, the Dental Wellness Trust addresses the oral health crisis currently facing the UK by providing free oral health education programmes to nurseries and schools across the country. They ask for the help of dental professionals, who can utilise their resources by sharing the educational tools with local schools and teachers.

Show Your Support

Our involvement not only raises the awareness of the charities we support; it also increases the odds of them reaching their goals. Whether it’s by raising funds for dental equipment or for further research, or by providing crucial dental care to countries who would otherwise be without it, our dental charities are a vital foundation, and they need your support so that they can reach their full potential. Get involved yourself, bring in your colleagues and practice, and ask your local community for help in making a difference where it matters most.

By Natasha Garthwaite BSc, RDN

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