Dealing with anxious children

DNN anxious childrenWorking on a paediatric clinic in a large dental hospital, I experience nervous children day in, day out. Most of our patients have been referred to us because they’re too nervous to have treatment under local anaesthetic at their general practice; they’re often accompanied by parents or guardians who say that they would like their child to be put to sleep because they’re sure that they won’t get through the treatment without general anaesthetic. However, putting children to sleep carries its own risks, and with our current policies, it can mean an amendment to their treatment plan. 

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National Smile Month

National smile month 2019National Smile Month is a long-running campaign organised by the Oral Health Foundation (a UK-based charity) with the aim of promoting good oral health worldwide. This year’s campaign is approaching quickly – it runs from 13th May to 13th June 2019. 

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Setting up a nurse-led clinic

Beth PoweHave you ever thought of setting up a nurse-led clinic for patients attending minor appointments such as those for records or oral health?

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How further training put me on the path to orthodontic therapy

Beth PoweLike a lot of people who spent a large chunk of their teenage years coming up with elaborate ways to avoid having to reveal that they were wearing a brace, I developed a longstanding, and dare I say profound, interest in orthodontics.

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Alzheimer’s disease – could gum disease play a role in its development?

Alzheimers gum diseaseWhat is Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia; the most common type in the UK. It is mainly discovered in those over the age of 65, but 1 in every 20 cases affects people aged 40-65 – called early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

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