Delivering better oral health: an evidence-based toolkit for prevention.

Varnish WK 6 mainPublic Health England (PHE) are an organisation who advise and support the government, local authorities and the NHS in a professional independent manner. They use intelligence, knowledge, advocacy, partnerships and world class science to protect the nation’s health and wellbeing. 

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My Dental Nursing Career

DN Kelly HughesWhen I was in sixth form, I went on work experience to my local dental practice. My mum had arranged it through being friends with one of the dental nurses. I had always thought I wanted to try childcare, but with my work experience placement all set up, I thought: why not?

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Positive minds

emma leather profThis month I have chosen the topic of mental health to discuss with you all. The term ‘mental health’ is used frequently in the media and in different contexts within our daily conversations.

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Emma interviews Marianna Murphy on post-registration qualifications and studying

Marianna MurphyWhen qualifying as a dental nurse, you passed your exams with flying colours and gained a merit. You are currently studying dental sedation and have recently qualified as a dental radiographer, passing the radiography exam with a grade of outstanding (an amazing achievement). To help inspire and encourage dental nurses who are interested in progressing their careers by taking post-registration qualifications, we would love to know more about you and your career development. We would also like to hear your top tips for studying that helped you to achieve such amazing results.

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Diary of a dental hygiene student – the Stephan Curve, impression-taking and fissure sealants

Tiffani ProfileIn my last blog post, I wrote about our ‘National Smile Month’ projects that we had to present at the end of June. I’m glad to say that it all went brilliantly! We gave out tons of freebies (which everyone loved), spoke to a wide variety of people, and got our message across about hidden sugars and the Stephan Curve. You’ll also be pleased to hear … I PASSED MY GATEWAY! I can now take impressions and place fissure sealants, so I have begun to do this on patients in practice. Read below for more information on the Stephan Curve and how I’ve been finding impression-taking and fissure sealants. 

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