National Smile Month 2018

national smile monthIt’s that time of year again when the whole dental team can get involved in National Smile Month. Your practice can join forces with other health professionals and organisations such as schools, pharmacies and community groups to help promote better oral health. This year, the campaign is running from the 14th May to the 14th June. Here’s how you can get involved. 

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What are the new GDPR regulations all about?

GDPR 2018I think it is fair to say that everyone I have recently spoken to is a bit overwhelmed by the new regulations for data protection that are being implemented from the 25th May 2018. It’s not surprising that people are finding it daunting – this legislation is the largest overhaul in data protection rules in twenty years. It’s essential that each business complies fully with the new regulations, otherwise they are at risk of receiving a fine. 

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Smile in Pink

smile in pink funOn Friday the 8th of June, Bridge2Aid (a charity providing sustainable emergency dental training) is holding its national day to help raise awareness and funds for millions of people in East Africa who don’t have access to safe emergency dental care.

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Taking the leap from dental nurse to dental hygienist

Tiffani ProfileThroughout my life, I have had an interest in science, an ever-growing interest in healthcare, and an overwhelming urge to help others. At the tender age of 18, I reached that inevitable time of deciding what I wanted to do with my life. After months of not knowing which career to take and multiple weekends taken up by research and talking with family members (some of whom work in healthcare), I decided that dental nursing was the route for me. Now that I had my mind made up, it was time to search hard for the job that I wanted.

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Key points from the Public Health England water fluoridation report March 2018

fluoridevarnishwk4Public Health England (PHE) has recently published a report on water fluoridation in England. This document is published every four years and represents the findings of an ongoing study of how increased levels of fluoride in our water supplies are helping tackle the current high rate of caries.  

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