Personal Development Planning for nurses




Sample Personal Development Plan Worksheet, which can be expanded on in future.

Having set your goals and identified your learning needs and priorities, you will need to complete a PDP. This will help you to identify where to get help, who you need to inform or contact, and the stages of progression. This is not set in tablets of stone and can be a flexible document that can be added to or change as circumstances require.

It is then time to carry out your planned activity and hopefully achieve your goals. Using the template above, you should measure their progress and reflect on problems/ good practice and solutions or changes that may occur. 


What are the benefits to me of completing a PDP?

Remember, a PDP is about you and where you want to be or what you want to achieve – even if it is to keep the status quo. However, even if it is the latter, make sure that you keep yourself updated on policies and procedures in line with new legislation and ways of working that will keep you a safe worker.

The PDP is also about how you want to be perceived by yourself and others, how you feel you contribute to the team, and what values are at your core.

Personal Development Planning helps you in achieving the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements of the General Dental Council, the workplace requirements relating to your appraisal, and personal development goals for yourself. It also contributes to making you a safe and skilled professional who respects and protects both patients and other members of staff.

Written by Janet Goodwin BA (Hons) RDN, LCGI

Janet is an active GDC Council member and chaired the group for the new GDC Standards. She previously worked as a qualifications manager for the NEBDN and has co-written several books including Advanced Dental Nursing.


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