Personal Development Planning for nurses



How does it affect me?

Over the last 20 years, employment laws and policies have been revised and changed, particularly for those who work directly with patients or vulnerable people. Some of these changes have been initiated due to malpractice and crimes involving patient deaths, for example:

Beverly Allitt (Bristol, 1993) – a nurse who was convicted of killing babies in her care by delivering lethal doses of insulin; and

Harold Shipman (Lancashire, 2000) – a doctor who was convicted of killing elderly people in his care by delivering lethal doses of morphine.

To help prevent such occurrences in the future, employment legislation now covers how we should be performing, how we keep up-to-date with current practices, and how to ensure that we are safe employees within our working environments. 

Health regulators and government quangos have the task of enforcing registration, compliance with standards, CPD (Continuing Professional Development), and openness and accountability in our day-to-day working environments. This should ultimately lead to a more competent, skilled, and knowledgeable workforce.

A PDP gives you the opportunity to look at what is important to you, covering your personal desires and what you would like to accomplish whilst also meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

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