Personal Development Planning for nurses


By undertaking your SWOT analysis, you will have identified a number of opportunities. Now, having also having completed your PEST analysis, you may find that some opportunities seem very possible and exciting, whilst others are not worth pursuing. 

It is now time to determine which pathways you wish to follow, both in your career and in your personal development. Remember to narrow your options down - if you take on too many goals you will become bogged down and probably finish none!

You need to ask yourself these questions:

Why is this important to me?

Do  I need to upgrade my qualifications (eg Oral Health Promotion)?

Do I need to experience particular procedures or departments (eg implants)?

Do I need to master a different skill set (eg Management)?

Can I do this where I am, or do I need to move workplace or industry? After close reflection, you may find you want to be a midwife, and would therefore need to move to a different industry.

This self-reflection and questioning will help you pull together a ‘to-do list’ or action plan with which to commence your journey.

When you have answered these questions and looked at your strengths and threats, you will be ready to write down your objectives. These must be SMART:

Specific – make sure your goal pertains to one particular outcome.

Measurable – there must be a definite end point so you know when your goal has been accomplished.

Achievable – you must be reasonably sure you will achieve your goal or you will frustrate yourself and damage your self-esteem.

Relevant – your goal must relate to what you ultimately want to achieve.

Time-bound – there has to be a time requirement, otherwise your goal can sit unaccomplished forever.


To enrol on the ILM Award in Management for the September 2014 intake at the local college.

To devise an Information Governance workshop, and deliver to staff by December 2014.

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