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1 year 1 month ago #9080 by h.t3112
Hi I can see you posted this a while ago, how are you getting on now? I don't want to offer you advice if you are all sorted :)

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1 year 3 months ago #9046 by Debfr0
Hi I'm new here and stumbled across this site looking for advice and information. I have been a trainee dental nurse since Jan this year. For the 1st couple of months I worked on reception because they were short staffed and only had a few days shadowing before I was put on my own in surgery at 1st with the hygienist and eventually with a dentist but only for 1 day a week. I had no access to the student dental nurse program or had been provided with a witness or mentor in practice although I asked my practice manager several times to sort this she didn't seem able to. Eventually I got sick of asking, worrying about my deadlines (roe had to be handed in by 31st oct) I found a new practice with the same company and transferred there after the PM there promised me she could provide a witnesses and mentor and any training I required. 3 weeks after I started there the PM left. I did get my witness and mentor and I have completed the roe but was 2 weeks late handing it in. I've had no support, no observations in surgery and quite frankly very little training. It has been one of the most stressful experiences of my life and one I wish I had never started. My questions are... what training and support should I have received? I just feel like I am alone with no one to turn to. I seriously want to quit but I will have to pay for the course so I just feel trapped. Any advice would be appreciated


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