Pay for damages cased by accident ?

1 month 2 days ago #9279 by Wheatley
I bet u paid and the boss fot the insurance claim so 1000 up u shouldn't have been made to pay and I would leave just because they excepted ur kind offer some dentist and try you not be so nervous and you shouldn't have offered. X

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2 months 2 weeks ago #9265 by unflappable
Poor you!!! So unlucky!!!

Over the years I have noticed that accidents (whether breakages or sharps injuries) usually happen when rushing. I noticed dentists/bosses hugely underestimate the time it takes to clean properly between patients and at the end of the day. In the past infection control was soooooo boring for them. When thinking about 'upping their game' that meant technical aspects.

Since COVID there's been a change: dentists care about infection control!!! Patients are keen to know what our cleaning protocols are and whether or not we are diligent in carrying them out. Now: if cleaning was an olympic sport, dental nurses would be the winners. And there are not very many fish in the sea, there is a shortage of motivated dental nurses.

Is sufficient time allocated at the end of the day to close down and clean? Are you forced into choosing whether to rush to the extent that things get broken OR leave tasks undone OR work longer unpaid? Many nurses are working for free at the end of every day and their employers do not appreciate their efforts because they don't know this. Talk with the other nurses: is this the situation in your workplace? Could you ask to have more time allocated? Could the machine be moved to a less vulnerable place or the tubing boxed in? Be careful your boss doesn't think you are criticising them, you are thinking carefully to reduce the chance of it happening again.

Don't be a pushover! Put your CV out to agencies in case they sack you, they sound mean (as a business they can reclaim the £500 from their tax but as an individual you can't).

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2 months 3 weeks ago #9262 by dentalnursenetwork
Hi there, please email DNN as we may be able to assist you with this.

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3 months 1 day ago #9259 by undecided100things
So where do I start, this happened before 1st lockdown. I accidentally dropped a small machine while hovering, I didn't realised the hover hose got wrapped around it and pulled the machine down on the floor. I was in a rush, thought I will hover and mop the surgery before 5 mins i am off. I usually do that. But unluckily this time I dropped an important machine and the ipad have few cracks but it was working while the tubing for the machine was completely mashed. I panicked and said I will pay for the tubing while reporting to dentist /owner.

I Work for private practice.
so I want to ask should you be made to pay for the damages caused by accident. Have you anyone had experience similar sort of thing? I said I will pay for the hose which turned out to be one hella expensive hose I think it was around £400. So what owner decided to do was get the whole new machine and claim it from insurance and pay excess which is around £500! For me to pay. Iam pushover person so I said ok but I feel lost, surely I have worked for 4 years and still working and this is my first time ever something happening. After that I don't really use hover in that surgery, just use broom and mop if I get enough time. No more 5 mins cleaning rush. I feel so depressed thinking of it. I got low self esteem now Iam scared I will drop something and will be made to pay. My older colleague told me I shouldn't have said i will pay. It was an accident and should be covered under accidental damages. But I panicked at that time it was my first time happening. By the way the owner thinks there are lots of fishes in the sea and our opinions doesn't really matter to them.
Hope someone read this long piece and let know their experiences. Or the owner is right I should pay?

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