Anyone in a union?

7 months 2 weeks ago #9238 by Kelly_Wcampbell
Hi there, you can contact directly to the concern person of this forum

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1 year 7 months ago #8991 by Townsee
I am a fully qualified dental nurse and have been so for 22yrs, I also have 4 post qualifications. I have been at my current practice since returning to work after having my children who are still quite young. I have generally been happy there but recently as the practice is expanding my bosses are asking me to swap my working days more and more to benefit them. I generally try to help but it is really not ideal organising my childcare to do this and the one day they always ask me is when I take my 3yr old daughter to her swimming lessons which I still have to pay for even when I am working so I am effectively working for a loss. I have told them I can help on other days but not sure how that has gone down. It is really making me feel unhappy and I have just started saying no to the certain day they always want. I feel joining a union is my only way to ensure my rights are recognised if things continue? Any help or advice gratefully received

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