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1 year 5 months ago #9116 by unflappable
That is just my instinct having been reading all the gov emails. I've also been reading the GDPUK forum a lot lately.

Maybe seek legal advice (are you in a union?) if you are intent on holding onto the job.

To be on no income waiting about for a job that may not exist anymore is not something you should tolerate for more than a week. Clear things up. But be nice to the owner - will be suffering anxiety and probably doesn't know what to do.

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1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #9115 by unflappable
Attached most recent info from the Government to practice owners

If all NHS they still receive their NHS money and still keep all staff on full wages. Staff must be ready to work if asked in the urgent care centres which are being set up.

My place is fully private. We all agreed to go on furlough 80% of our wages (practice closed and registered manager taking decisions on a case by case basis of which patients are genuine emergencies).

Now: it's true that if the practice accepts the NHS contract money they cannot apply for furlough for staff .... so
If your place is NHS/private they may be in danger of going bankrupt. In which case better for you to take redundancy money and sign on, before the money runs out and you get nothing. I would ask the owner directly, they know you have bills to pay every month and this thing sounds like it's going on for quite a few months.

Shedding all their staff might be the only way to avoid bankruptcy, so don't take it personally. (I'm sure they will wish to rehire you afterwards) Sounds like the owner is laying low.

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1 year 5 months ago #9114 by DN1989
This is really sad and so uncertain for you.. you are not alone. That’s right they cannot furlough you and take the contract. If the contract isn’t big enough to pay you maybe that is why they are asking you to take holiday then unpaid? Have you asked them what next maybe they can say?

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1 year 5 months ago #9113 by Coolcat102
Could someone give me some advice and knowledge regarding my employment?

On Sunday 22nd March I was text via whats app from the practice manager to say the practice was a complete closure, all staff to remain at home and she will cancelling patients the following day. Also we all get 80% wages

The next day another statement has been made via social media to say the practice is closed to see patients but will remain open to answer telephone calls. Meaning the girls who have been ‘selected’ to answer telephone calls at the practice will remain getting a full pay, however the rest of the nurses will only get 80%.

Yesterday a third statement was realised via the practice co-ordinator saying that the boss has had new information given to him saying he can’t apply for furlough due to NHS contract. Therefore girls will be asked to use their holiday has pay (17 days) and the rest will be unpaid. The practice co-ordinator will be working from home doing iComply and taking calls from patient that are being diverted to her mobile phone. So now I’m left with no certainty of my position at the practice.

Any advice or information please send my way!

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