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Autoclave logs

3 weeks 2 days ago - 3 weeks 2 days ago #9041 by unflappable
Follow the manufacturers instructions. Your IC lead or registered manger will know where they are.
.... if no-one knows where these are then google them for your make/model of autoclave, if no luck email the manufacturer to request them.

If you are not 100% confident you are doing these correctly then allocate yourself time in the diary for the next time the engineer is doing the six-month or annual check. (Sticker on the side of the autoclàve is a good clue to as to when they will be scheduled).
Email the company ahead of time requesting training in performing the daily/weekly checks. (Eschmann gave me a 1 hour CPD certificate for this).
If your dentist is whining that you stole an hour of their patients treatment time invite them to attend the training as well - if the regular staff get sick all at the same time they will need to do this themselves because a temp nurse will not know how. We be all need to be super confident in this area (dentists, hygienists, nurses).

Bulky proof storage: personally I prefer photographing strips and ultrasonic bath foil test results and storing them on desktop.

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3 weeks 5 days ago #9040 by Ckcritchley90
Hi guys!

How do you guys do your checks for your autoclaves?

At the moment we are running an empty test cycle at the beginning of the day and attaching that one to the log book page with the time and date it was done. Then for every cycle we are putting a TST strip in with every cycle with the time and date and then storing them in a pouch for the week and storing them away at the end of the week. The storage seems quite bulky!

Any suggestions welcome!


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