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Data Protection

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #9076 by unflappable
Hi there

I came across your post. Yes - what DO you do if a data breach occurs? I think no-one answered because no-one knows the answer.

If I understand correctly, being a dentist or dental nurse precludes you from accepting this job due to 'role conflict'. (ICO website) so I am assuming you are the head receptionist or practice manager.

I would expect your registered manager will have enlisted the support of an outside organisation who give advice on what to do if a data breach occurs. Eg GRCI Law.

In the same way as the Medical Physics Expert/Radiation Safety Advisor is an external expert who provides support for the in-house staff member who will be called the Radiation Safety Supervisor.

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2 years 5 days ago #9016 by hannahB
Hi....I have been assigned the job of DPO in my dental practice, i have completed a course, but wondered if anyone else was doing the same and if you knew of any good booklets / websites etc that keep you up to date with various changes / what to do when various events happen etc.
would be grateful for any ideas / help if anyone has any!

Thank you! :)))

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