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Where do you store stock?? (SCOTLAND)

2 years 3 weeks ago #9007 by Nicole.P
Where do you store your stock in practice if you don't have a stock room?

I have been at my practice for years now and we have always stored our stock in closed cupboards in the LDU, we have passes all practice inspections with this.
We have recently been bought over and the new owners want all stock moved out of the LDU as this is not in line with Guidelines/Regulations.
The problem we have is we are a small practice with no extra storage space (no stock room or staff room) and they want all stock to be stored in the same place where food is kept and cooked.

Surely storing stock in closed cupboards in the LDU is better than storing it in an open shelving unit where food is stored and cooked?

I know some Scottish regulations and guidelines are different than from England and Wales.

Any help on what you do at your practice or where I can have a look at these regulations/guidelines would be amazing.

Thank You!

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