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New job?

2 years 9 months ago #8855 by h.t3112
I think the advice above is very good. you have probably already made a decision by now. I always think interviews are a good idea, number one you may love it and want to accept, number two even if you don't you have gained experience and had a nose around another practice.
I'm not saying there isn't any point in moving for you, because if you are unhappy, then that is awful. But I do think that issues should always be discussed. Its so toxic to sit on issues and a good manager will always listen. What are your current issues? Maybe we can help with how to put it across to the manager?

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2 years 10 months ago - 2 years 10 months ago #8837 by unflappable
Were you offered the new job? Some practices go through loads of nurses genuinely puzzled as to why they keep leaving.
Maybe .....
When offered the job at the more distant location tell them you are thinking about your options before you accept.
Tell your current employer you are considering changing to another job. Tell them the issues which are making your life a struggle in your current job. (Any issues which are unfixable best not to mention. Things such as having a proper nurse chair to lessen fatigue, having things organised in a efficient way, having a sufficient number of instruments/handpieces are easy to resolve but personality clashes are not). (You might like to email). Your current boss will appreciate your assessment of how to make things run more smoothly. He/she may agree to changes in order to keep you. Many dental nurses are too quiet to speak of problems they are putting up with and managers/dentists are too preoccupied with their own worries to notice. Be very polite but clear. If they get cross and tell you to leave don't take it personally, just be happy and confident in your new job. If you don't go to the other job there's nothing wrong with temping.

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2 years 10 months ago #8828 by milo123

I have trained at the current practice i am in for nearly 2 years. I have just recently Registered.
I have an opportunity for a trial tomorrow! but i'm moving areas in a month the job would be to take over maternity cover in feb-march.
The Journey from where i live now is not bad at all. 40 mins train however from where i'll be in a month it will be 3 transport links 1 bus and then train with 2 changes. over an hour transport.
I'm sick of the practice i am currently in and desperately want change. I know the grass isn't always greener on the other side which is why i've put up with this place.

I have said yes to the trail thinking life is too short, what the heck it's just a trail and interview.
Now i'm thinking just to wait and put up with where i am at until I move abroad (which is my plan for next year summer) is there a point? in trying to move? help

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