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OSCE exam next week, any tips/advice

3 years 7 months ago #8575 by Lucynurse1
Thank you! That’s really handy...2 days to go...so nervous!

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3 years 7 months ago #8573 by Saghi_702000
I had mine last year and thank God I passed. Remember that the exam setting it's not like what you think. IT'S A COMPLETE MESS. When u get in you will be asked to change then making your way to a room sitting in a group. Then u will be given a booklet to read which is the scenarios (u have 20 min). Make sure u read them carefully as u might need to choose things like clamp so it makes a big difference which tooth is mentioned. Then they lead you to a big hall and not allowed to talk. 10 stations, 1 min to read the scenario and 4 min to act. Examiners are really nice so don't be affraid of them. Always always check what is on the table. Don't make things up! There is always something there as a clue like the patient medical history form to refer to, surgery drink and biscuits for hypoglacimic pt. Make sure you are absolutely confident in medical emergency scenarios. Oral cancer is something that we had last year(important)
Hand washing tequnic or alcohol rub
Alginate but always comes in scenario like nightgaurd, sport guard, removable ortho appliances. What is important is picking the right size and tray and and right spatula following all techniques that you learned for exam also make sure clean the bowl and spatula afterwards. Good luck. I will add more tips if I remember anything useful

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3 years 8 months ago #8564 by Lucynurse1
I have mine next Friday too! I'm so nervous and feel like I'm going to freeze and forget things.

I think when it says 'ASSUME' on the card then you don't have to mention it to the examiner...however if it isn't mentioned on the card you must state, I have washed my hands using the hygienic hand washing technique, applied full PPE and I am wearing clinical uniform.

I've also been told that it's okay if you have a little bit of powder left over- however try to get accurate ratios which will be stated on the card. And don't put it back into the bottle obviously.

Hope it all goes well for ya! Any more tips would be great! :)

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3 years 8 months ago #8562 by LaurenWelsh16
Hi there,

I'm sitting my OSCE next friday, I have been revising and going over everything the past few weeks but I don't feel that I know what's expected of me? Do I have to mention every time 'assume I am wearing my full PPE/handwashing etc'? Also, do we have to use all the powder when mixing the cements etc, or can we leave some if the mix is accurate?

Any tips, advice or little secrets will be great! Thanks x

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