Giving back - Teaching & Training in Africa

Training-in-progressMost of us have suffered from toothache at some point in our lives. It can be debilitating, constant, and excruciating. It is something we would immediately look to address by reaching for pain relief or booking an urgent visit to the dentist. But for many people, this is not possible; 75% of the world’s population do not have access to a dentist.

Bridge2Aid is working to change this. Through training, the dental charity creates rural-based Health Workers in developing nations, able to provide emergency dental treatment in their communities of approximately 10,000 people each. 

The training is carried out by volunteer dentists and Dental Nurses from the UK and elsewhere during Bridge2Aid’s Dental Volunteer Programme (DVP), who willingly use their skills and experience to help those in need.

Since 2004, Bridge2Aid has trained hundreds of Health Workers in emergency dental care, providing safe and sustainable access to over 3 million people in east Africa alone. The charity has big plans for the future and here at Dental Nurse Network we’re excited to join the Bridge2Aid family and make a lasting change for thousands of people currently living in pain with no hope of treatment.

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