Huge Numbers Demonstrate Commitment To CPD Cycle

CPD-COMMITMENTOver 35,000 dental care professionals (DCPs) have met the General Dental Council's (GDC) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) criteria and have proved their commitments to their ongoing development as DCPs.

DCPs in the 2008-13 cycle had until 28th August 2013 to log their legally-required 150 hours of CPD (of which 50 hours must be verifiable). CPD has been a legal requirement since 31st July 2013.

The following DCPs completed their CPD by the above date: 95% of Dental Nurses, 91% of Dental Technicians, 98% of Dental Hygienists, 98% of Dual Registrants, 95% of Dental Therapists, 99% of Orthodontic Therapists and 90% of Clinical Dental Technicians.

For those 1,947 who failed to meet the 150-hour CPD requirement, they will be contacted by the GDC and will have a further 28 days to complete the CPD process. This requires them to send a copy of their CPD records including a log of all their CPD activities from their five-year cycle detailing a description of the activity, the date it took place, whether it counts as verifiable or general CPD and the number of hours each activity took. Documentation, such as certificates of completion, should be sent as evidence for verifiable CPD activities.




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