Diary of a Treatment Co-ordinator Series 4

DIARY OF_A_TCOI have had a very productive day today. I have been revising our Smile Portfolio and Testimonials Books and have had a lot of fun updating them with new “before and after” photos and written testimonials for our patients, particularly new patients to view. One thing I love doing is video testimonials and I am currently in the process of uploading a few onto my new TCO Ipad (thanks boss!) which is going to be absolutely amazing once I start using it with patients.


How fantastic will it be for me to present my patient with a small, light tablet which has every ounce of information that they want or need at their fingertips? I shall keep you updated as to how it goes but I am expecting nothing but positive feedback.


Anyway, back to video testimonials! Anyone who isn’t using video for patient testimonials should consider it. Watching a video of a real-life patient sharing their experience is a lot more powerful than reading a hand-written or typed letter from an anonymous person. You can have them saved to your computer to show patients, merge them into a “Testimonials Video” which I have done or have them playing on a flat screen in Reception- there is so much potential! Not all patients will want to be filmed but there will be plenty who would be willing to. You could even take things a step further and incorporate social media into your video process. For example, we use Facebook and You Tube to upload video testimonials for patients and non-patients to view, what a great way to attract new patients!


We have also invested in an intra-oral camera for the Consultation Room which new patients can use and have a play with before seeing the Dentist. It can also be used during Smile Consultations with me as an added perk. Basically, it gives them a chance to view their teeth in a different light and get them thinking even more about the goals that they have for their mouth. We can then get as much information and feedback from them as possible in order for us to give them the perfect treatment plan. Genius!


There are so many ways you can personalise your practice and give off a modern, cutting edge vibe by using these simple yet effective tips and tricks. Why not have a think about what you can do to make your practice stand out?



To check out our You Tube channel and see for yourself what you can achieve with video, please visit Cahill Dental You Tube Channel!


Emma Lever-Pilling RDN.

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