How to Support and Value Your Good Employer

dental nurse employersStories regarding poor dental nurse employers are a dime a dozen. But what about those employers who strive to go above and beyond for their staff? These employers are rarely celebrated or shown any appreciation, but at a time where we are crying out for more recognition for our own hard work, it’s time we return the favour to those who treat us so well. 

Celebrate Your Employer

Your employer is more than the person who gave you a job and pays you your wages; they’re also the person who holds the team together, drives the practice forward, and works hard day and night to ensure staff and patient satisfaction. Whether they show appreciation through verbal encouragement, through target-driven incentives, or by always being there to listen to your concerns and find ways to support your ideas and professional growth, a good employer who has significant value for how they run their practice is one who deserves to be celebrated and appreciated.  

A Simple Word

The easiest way to show your appreciation for what your employer does for you is to give them verbal recognition. We all like to hear that we are doing our job well, so whether you give them a simple thank you for their support, provide positive feedback in staff meetings or appraisals, give them praise for their latest work, or even express that you’re happy working for them, a few words can go a long way towards showing that they’re doing a good job and that the rest of the team see it too. This can boost their ego and their morale and, in turn, can result in them doing an even better job than they already are. 

A Gift

Of course, you aren’t about to start giving out bonuses and incentives to your employer, but if they’ve done something you particularly appreciated recently, then why not get them a gift? It can be something small – such as a cake, some chocolates, their favourite drink, or a gift card – and it can be either a solo or a group effort, depending on who wants to be involved in the appreciation. A small gift is a great way to show that you appreciate all that they are doing, but it also shows a good working relationship that your employer can depend on and can help this relationship to grow. 

Award Nominations

Receiving an award is a popular way to obtain recognition for hard work, and this can be done either internally by the team, or externally through ceremonies such as The Dentistry Awards. These ceremonies can bring value to a role and can show not only the winner but also those who may see the award (perhaps in a practice display cabinet?) that they are appreciated for their hard work and dedication to the practice. 

Appreciate and Celebrate

It’s important to remember that employers are just like us – they work hard, they strive to do great things, and they are dedicated to delivering excellent care to their staff and patients. So, it stands to reason that, like all employees, they would like the occasional recognition for their efforts and a chance to be celebrated for who they are and all that they do. This can have a positive impact on the practice too. 


Written by Natasha Garthwaite BSc, RDN


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