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level 3 certificate in dental receptionAt Dental Nurse Network we are passionate about ensuring high quality training for the dental team, and we are excited to be launching our latest course, which is aimed at the dental reception team.

It is an expectation stated within the GDC Standards for the Dental Team that all team members are provided with appropriate training (see GDC Standards 6.1.6) and that all team members are aware that they should adhere to the standards whether they are a GDC-registered member or not (see GDC Standards 6.6.3).

In addition to complying with GDC Standards, the dental receptionist is the vital link between the patient and the clinical team, and is the cornerstone for the success of any dental practice.

First impressions count, and the dental receptionist is the first point of contact for your patients, whether they are new or existing patients. The impression of the practice created by the dental receptionist will determine whether new patients become long-term patients and whether existing patients remain loyal to your team. 

So, take a moment and consider your practice. What impression  of your practice do your receptionists present? What training has your dental reception team had? Have they had the best opportunity to develop skills that are fundamental to the success of your practice and your team?

Our Level 3 Certificate in Dental Reception will provide dental receptionists with the skills they need to thrive in the role and develop your practice as a successful dental business.

What will our course provide dental receptionists and ultimately the practice with?

  1. Dental knowledge: The course will provide receptionists with an understanding of the fundamentals of dentistry, so they can confidently answer patient questions and help them grasp their treatment plans.
  2. Diary mastery: This will enable receptionists to take control of the practice's schedule, maximising chair time, minimising clinical team stress, and ensuring an effortless patient journey.
  3. Efficient communication: This will equip the receptionist to become a maestro of patient-clinical team interaction, ensuring seamless, effective communication.
  4. Empathetic triage: Receptionists will learn to confidently triage patients, providing empathetic support during times of trouble.
  5. Meticulous record-keeping: Receptionists will learn to maintain patient records like a pro, guaranteeing a smooth patient journey regardless of who they're seeing.
  6. Professionalism under pressure: The course will equip receptionists with the skills to keep calm even in high-pressure situations, maintaining a professional appearance and attitude.
  7. Feedback management: Receptionists will be empowered to engage with both positive and negative feedback with confidence and grace.
  8. Masterful communication: The course will enable receptionists to communicate professionally via phone, in person, and in written correspondence with patients and the team.
  9. Ethical selling: The course will provide an understanding of the receptionist’s role in ethical selling, enabling them to promote recommended treatment plans and oral hygiene products with integrity.
  10. Quality improvement: Receptionists will be able to develop the skills to conduct audits that contribute to the ongoing enhancement of your practice's services.

Reception Course Level 3

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