How to get a pay rise

howtogetariseThe daunting ‘I want a pay rise’ meeting – we have all been there. Imagine if there was an easier way to convince your employer to increase your wages. The key thing to remember is that a valuable member of staff is worth investing in. 

Every employee will have a job description. The first thing to consider is what you offer to the business that exceeds your job description or makes you valuable within the company. Do you go the extra mile for your patients? Do you always work the extra shifts? Do you ask your employer what more you can do? Do you have additional qualifications that can be used within your job role. The more you invest in the company, the more they will invest in you. 

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to remain confident and professional. An employer is looking for someone who over-achieves in their job and who can approach the conversation with a positive attitude and can show: this is what I bring to the company and I’m going to show you just how valuable I am.

An example is:

Over the last twelve months, I have carried out this audit along with this action plan. Based on the results, I have implemented these changes (outline the changes). The changes have not only saved the company X amount, they have also created a better internal system so that the practice runs more smoothly. I have also worked every late night this year to accommodate the patients’ needs and I have a 100% attendance record. After carrying out some research, I have found that dental nurses within the X area earn an average of X amount. I was hoping that my hard work and dedication to the job role has been noticed and would like my hourly rate to be increased by 50p an hour. What are your thoughts?

This is a great opportunity for your employer to praise you and discuss his/her thoughts before a decision is made.

How should you approach the conversation?

1. Do your research. Figure out what other people are paid for similar roles. Look at newspaper ads, call agencies, use the internet. Are you paid less? Are you paid the same as other employees in similar roles? 

2. Make a list of your key achievements over the past year or so.

3. Arrange a meeting in advance and give your employer some idea about what you would like to discuss.

4. Think about what you are asking from your employer’s point of view. Why do you deserve a pay rise? Provide facts that justify and complement what you are asking for.

5. Do not use blackmail. For example, if your employer thinks that you are not ready for a pay rise, do not threaten to hand in your notice or use emotional blackmail.

There are many courses available to dental nurses which lead to qualifications that are recognised and valued in most dental practices across the country. Adding additional duties and extending your scope of practice is a great incentive for employers to increase your pay. 

Do not burn bridges. If you haven't been able to successfully negotiate the pay rise you wanted, you may decide that you feel undervalued by your employer – but remember that you can always ask your employer how you can improve. You can then book a review in three to six months’ time and try again.


R. Gibbons RDN

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