Employment Law: Age Discrimination

Employment-Law-seriesThere are some issues that dental nurses and other dental care professionals may need to be aware of in the workplace. It is important for individuals to know the facts concerning employment laws, for their own protection and security. Age discrimination may be one of them.

Dental nurses should know that employers are advised to implement an ‘equal opportunities’ policy. This should then be presented to employees and consistent and regular training on this policy should be carried out.

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A little reminder DNNs!


We are always excited to welcome new members to the Dental Nurse Network, and we want to make sure that your access to our network is easy, informative, useful and hassle free! We wanted to inform new members and remind existing members that it is paramount that you enter the correct information when signing up with our site.

When registering and joining Dental Nurse Network new members must remember to fill in their details fully and correctly. You must make sure you enter your full name.

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Treatment Co-ordinator News!

Laura Horton_SPEAKINGLaura Horton Treatment Coordinator London Course: Knowledge, laughs, prizes and inspiration all in a day’s work!

Laura Horton’s Treatment Coordinator Workshop is an interactive and exciting yet relaxed learning environment. Often people are scared to ask questions, people are afraid to look stupid but not here. On Friday 8th February, dental nurses and other dental professionals gathered at Henry Schein in Marble Arch, London to take part in the day’s events. Hands were up in the air every few minutes with inquisitive and excited members in the class.

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Scope out your Career!

registered dental_nurse_scope_of_practiceThe scope of practice for a dental nurse clarifies the activity, operations and processes which a registered nurse is authorised and allowed to carry out. This term is used to report on what a dental nurse is trained to do. It explains the skills, abilities and training which is expected in the industry. It also describes the required knowledge and experience which is necessary to ensure safe and efficient practice for both dental nurses and patients. Therefore, it is essential for dental nurses to know what experience and skills are fundamental to their scope of practice and what options they can take to alter and develop their scope. There are a range of skills an individual must have in order to pursue a career as a dental nurse professional.

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Working For Stress

stressStress, something we encounter on a daily basis as human beings. However, while stress can be normal, immoderate levels of stress can harm your health. Excessive stress in the work place in particular, is something that should not be dismissed lightly. Pressure can be motivating but if it is uncontrolled it quickly develops into stress and this can lead to various different illnesses.

The Healthy and Safety Executive (HSE) describe stress as ‘the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or demands place on them.’

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