Certificate in Impression-Taking

 Next start date: 7 February 2022    110.00 inc. VAT
 3 months Distance Learning

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The DNN impression-taking course is designed so that any nurse in any part of the UK can complete their competency training. To enrol, you must be GDC-registered, you must be employed and indemnified, and there must be a registered dental professional able and willing to supervise you. The course is suited to nurses who aspire to treat patients directly and to take impressions under the prescription of a registered dentist or clinical dental technician. The course is suited to nurses working in both private settings and in the National Health Service. 

  Course Brochure

Learn to take alginate impressions suitable for the following applications:

  • Study models;
  • Orthodontic appliances;
  • Retainers;
  • Dentures;
  • Bleaching trays;
  • Mouth guards.

How long will it take?

It completely depends on you and your circumstances, including:

  • How much time you can dedicate to your online studies (four hours); 
  • How soon you can complete the portfolio (a minimum of twenty-four impressions).
  • You have a maximum of three months to complete the course.


The DNN impression-taking course is designed so that any nurse in any part of the UK can complete their competency training. The major benefits include:

  • Online tutorials;
  • Live online classrooms;
  • Downloadable booklet;
  • Affordable extended-duties course;
  • Tutor support;
  • Flexible learning;
  • Nationwide availability;
  • Complete at your own leisure within three months;
  • 7+ hours of Verifiable CPD;
  • Certificate of Competence awarded upon successful completion.
    Learn to take impressions suitable for the following applications:
  • Study models; 
  • Orthodontic appliances; 
  • Retainers;
  • Dentures; 
  • Bleaching trays; 
  • Mouth guards.


Blended learning:

  • Online articles and video tutorials; 
  • Online multiple choice quizzes;
  • Record of Competence Portfolio.

Access to the online learning modules is available from the course start date and will expire after three months. You should complete modules one through to five before commencing your portfolio. 

Record of Competence portfolio

  • You are expected to complete a minimum of twelve log sheets (twelve patients), including a minimum of twenty-four individual impressions (twelve upper and twelve lower.)
  • We do not specify patient groups. i.e children, adults.
  • You have a maximum of three months to complete your Record of Competence.

The role of the supervisor:

Your supervisor should be:

  • GDC-registered;
  • Qualified/trained in impression-taking;
  • Willing to guide you through your practical training; 
  • Able to comment on and sign your portfolio.


GDC Development Outcomes: A, B, C, D.

Learning Objectives

Module 1, Part 1: Legal and Ethical Issues

  • Understand your role in providing a high standard of patient care;
  • Describe the nine GDC Standards and have a clear understanding of how the standards apply to you as a dental care professional;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of scope of practice; 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of informed consent;
  • Understand indemnity requirements.

Module 1, Part 2: Patient Management and Assessment

  • List the required materials and conditions for an impression-taking appointment;
  • Assess a patient prior to treatment;
  • Describe the referral process;
  • Provide a high standard of patient care and communication throughout the procedure.

Module 2: Impression Materials

  • List the characteristics of the ideal impression material;
  • List the most common impression materials used in dentistry;
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using alginate;
  • Describe the purpose of using addition-cured silicone; 
  • Understand the importance of appropriate impression tray selection.

Module 3: Taking Impressions

  • Describe the correct manual mixing technique using alginate;
  • Describe the steps required to take an upper and lower impression.

Module 4: Assessing Impressions

  • Describe the anatomical landmarks that should be present on the impression;
  • Describe features of the ideal impression;
  • Describe impression errors and how to correct them;
  • Understand how to grade your impressions;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the reflective learning cycle;
  • Start your Record of Experience log sheets and successfully complete them.

Module 5: Post-Impression-Taking

  • Ensure excellent patient communication at the end of the appointment;
  • Understand how to write clinical notes post-treatment;
  • Describe the correct procedure for disinfecting impressions;
  • Discuss the requirements for sending impressions to the laboratory.

Record of Competence

  • Demonstrate ability to grade and reflect upon impression technique;
  • Demonstrate understanding of the reflective model;
  • Demonstrate competence to take impressions unsupervised under prescription.



Registered Orthodontic Therapist: 196566

Qualifications: Diploma Orthodontic Therapy, Level 3 Award in Education and Training, Radiography (NEBDN), Oral Health Education (BDA)

Competency Training: Impression-Taking, Fluoride Varnish Application, Temporary Restorations  


e learning tutor assessor EL

Emma Leather RDN

Registered Dental Nurse: 148732

Qualifications: NVQ Level 3 Dental Nursing,   Level 4 National Certificate in Internal Quality Assurance, Level 3 Award in Education and Training, Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement, Oral Health Education (BDA) 

Competency Training: Impression-Taking, Fluoride Varnish Application


impression taking tutor RHRachel Hughes RDN

Registered Dental Nurse: 156989

Qualifications: National Certificate Dental Nursing, Level 4 Award Teaching, Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement, Oral Health Education (BDA), Dental Radiography (BDA)

Competency Training: Impression-Taking 




  • Monday 7 February 2022 - Available
  • Monday 21 March 2022  - Available 


Payment Plans

We now offer the option to pay over three months. Please be aware, this increases the fee to £120.00 inc. VAT.

Payment due dates: 

  • 7 February 2022 £40.00 (Non-refundable deposit)
  • 7 March 2022 £40.00
  • 7 April 2022 £40.00

We will NOT send reminders of payment due dates. Failure to make payment by the due dates will result in automatic removal from the course.

Please note, your certificate of competence will not be awarded until full payment is made. 

Paying by payment plan? Please use enrolment form HERE.


Discounts must be requested before payment is made. We do not automatically apply discounts.

Please note that discounts are applied to the VAT-exclusive fee: £91.67. Discounts cannot be applied to payment plans.

Multiple applicant discounts

  • Two applicants: 5% discount
  • Three applicants: 10% discount
  • Four or more applicants: 15% discount

Multiple course discounts

  • Two courses: 5% discount
  • Three courses: 10% discount
  • Four or more courses: 15% discount

Please apply by telephone or use the application form here. DNN will send you an invoice.


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