Thousands of DCPs Risk Losing Registration

28-august-2013A number of dental care professionals (DCPs) are at risk of losing their registration having completed their first five-year cycle of continuing professional development (CPD).

Nearly 40,000 DCPs finished their first five-year CPD cycle on 31st July 2013. The law requires DCPs to have logged 150 hours by 28th August 2013, or risk losing their license.

How To Submit Hours

Registrants are being advised to do this as soon as possible using an eGDC account. This is an account on the General Dental Council (GDC)'s website:

There is also the option to download a form from the GDC to post or email.

However, the form must be still received by 28th August 2013 under whichever method.

Current State of Submissions

Thus far, 29,416 have completed their hours of the 39,336 in the cycle; however, 2,303 have yet to submit their forms.

What Counts As CPD?

100 hours of the 150 required may be general CPD. This includes staff meetings, attending conferences, reading journals and private study. The remaining 50 hours must have specific educational aims and objectives, with specific targets. They must also be quality controlled and require documented proof, such as a certificate, to prove your attendance.

The GDC has made a number of case studies available on their website to provide further examples of the specific CPD dental professionals have completed, and has also provided the following number forthe GDC Customer Advice and Information Team: 0845 222 4141.

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